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Stop & Proceed!

Covid19 (Corona virus) is the greatest tragedy of the 21st century until today. This has taken a tremendous tall on humanity after the Spanish flu in 1918 that took away about 50 million lives; and the Asian flu in 1958 that took away about 2 million lives. This tiny virus keeps the whole humanity standstill, and still keeps us on pinpoints! We are all under house arrest today. When we evaluate the pros and cons of this deadly virus, we know that it has brought about more cons than pros. The number of cons is numerous and devastating. However, there is some pros as well that affect our daily lives directly.

” It is a wakeup call and stern reminder that we cannot go on flying high speed; we need to slow down; stop and proceed that we would not hurt others. 

I feel that the most significant contribution of this virus is that it has changed our perspectives on life and people, which transforms our outlook towards life. The humanity as a whole has been on a race, in a constant chase or relentless pursuit for something, which sometimes we are not very clear. Sometimes we are just like a puppy dog chasing its own tail, not knowing that it is not going to get it forever, though it may get to bite a bit every so often. We have sacrificed our age-old family values and began to pursue after development, growth, achievements, and accomplishments. Wrong priorities have become at least sometimes our top priorities. Undue accumulation of wealth and unhealthy competitions have become the order of our daily lives. There may be unhealthy competition and the cold war between nations in the process of springing forth of this deadly virus. Unfortunately, the underprivileged become the victims of exploitation, utilization, and misuse. Might become the right and mighty become powerful! Money can buy anything and everything. Quantity supersedes quality in all most all walks of life. Humans lost humanity, and put on a gown of modernity and embraced superficiality. We live today with this kind of false image of superficiality to become superheroes for tomorrow. We wanted to be gods of our world, creating clouts of our own with our wealth and influence. This is the tragedy of our day!  


Covid19 has crushed this false image of our generation, and let us pause for a while to look at our route map and reroute our journey if necessary. It has taught us the fact that wealth and technology cannot acquire all that we need or want or aspire to accomplish in life. There are matters of significant priorities in human lives, such as family, relations, mutual respect, commitment, generosity, charity, peace, courage, and hope. These are some of the age-old values of our society on which our society had rested.

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Covid 19 has made us believe that life is short, jobs are temporary, the future is uncertain, death is sure, and God is still in charge of the world though we think sometimes we are. It breaks the shells of security, safety, prosperity, and makes us realize that we are all made of easily breakable clay. There is no point in playing safe in glass castles as it can be shattered down any moment.

 It is a wakeup call and stern reminder that we cannot go on flying high speed; we need to slow down; stop and proceed that we would not hurt others. We can see stop signs only when we slow down. It is an opportunity to look around and smell the roses and move forward by looking up to the Creator and looking around to our fellow beings. Let us today learn to stop and proceed on our life journey!  Best of Luck!


Fr Tomy Puliyan, MSFS

“Holiness and Happiness through Wellness and Wholeness”




4 thoughts on “Stop & Proceed!”

  1. Thank you very much, Fr. Tommy for making it so clear to understand. I just wish that more people would see it that way, and STOP and PROCEED. We would probably be n a better place.
    God Bless you !

  2. Well said , Father Tomy. Thank you for always praying and guiding us always.
    Reading your blog is like a moment of silence for me….my “me time” . Slowing down, absorbing , reflecting and enjoying the scent of the “roses”.
    Even the petunias!😁
    Miss you here in Hendersonville Tn! God bless you always💙💙💙

  3. Good thought father Tomy..
    It’s always good to move at a slow and steady pace considering the people around us and environment.

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