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Rising Balloons and Passing Souls!

I used to fly kites as a kid and always enjoyed it, especially when the kite was made by my own little hands. It made me proud of myself and boosted my self-confidence and gave me an understanding of some of the things that I could do as a kid. It made me feel good (like any other kids would) that I was capable of giving life to a piece of paper otherwise dead, to fly high in the skies and led by the wind to bring joy and purpose in the lives of other kids. It helped me understand my own capabilities, and improved my own perspective about life knowing that I am born into a world that has enormous opportunities and possibilities. Looking at the sky was always a fascination to me as a kid and even now especially when the clouds are moving slowly and gently.

“All the balloons were going to an unknown destination, but they were all together.”

A couple of weeks ago, I was officiating a funeral service outside the church door in the midst of Covid19. After the rosary and a brief service, the family along with those who attended the service released balloons some of them tied together and others individually, while the flute was being played by the flautist. It was certainly an emotional moment for all of us who were looking at the balloons rising up to the skies being led by the wind especially to the family of the deceased. All the balloons were going to an unknown destination, but they were all together. The balloons did not know, nor did we know where they were going. All our feet were turned automatically to the same direction where the balloons were moving which was an automatic and reflexive reaction at that time which none of us were aware. Everyone stood in complete silence holding their breath possibly with different thoughts in their own minds.

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What was going on in my mind was about the passing away of human souls and comparing them with those balloons. The only difference I was thinking about is that the balloons may not know where they are going as they were led by the wind; but the human souls know pretty well where they are heading. They are not led by the wind, but driven by the cosmic energy that unite the Creator and the creature, in other words, the father and the child. The number of people who die every day and especially during these days of Covid-19 from different parts of the world, upsets me and even some times amazes me. These souls after having completed their job here on earth flying to their Master to obtain their pay checks in different forms and shapes just as we would earn for our pay check at the end of the week or at the end of the month.

The reunion is a wonderful experience and getting rewarded for our hard work here on earth is also a great experience. However, the most difficult and painful experience is the releasing of the soul from our human bodies which we call “death”. It is difficult for the dying and more difficult for the loved one who are left behind. The hard reality is that we all have to pass through this narrow gate one day and there is no escape from this truth, but to accept it.

I think life after death is going to be fun; or at least that is what our faith tells us, provided we are prepared for it during our preparatory time here on earth! After all, this is a short period of a few years; in comparison with the eternity that we believe awaits us. We can, surely make it and pass the test with flying colors on the last day by being focused on the right and the best for us and others! Let us learn to live our lives more by looking upward rather than looking around! We are not sure, when and where balloons will be released to the skies in memory of you and me!


Fr Tomy Puliyan, MSFS

“Holiness and Happiness through Wellness and Wholeness”




3 thoughts on “Rising Balloons and Passing Souls!”

  1. Inspiring Reflection. But what I have come know and believe is death is a beautiful experience that is no one ever comes back after they cross over.

  2. Very thought provoking reality. Death being the gateway to heaven where we unite with our Heavenly Father; New life in spirit.
    Thank you father beautiful meassage.

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