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By the Rivers of Babylon!

When we learn the history of God’s chosen people from the Holy Bible, we may infer a message for our time as well. As we know the Kingdom of Israel (United Monarchy ruled by Saul, David, and Solomon) was divided after the time of Solomon into the Kingdom of Israel (the Northern Kingdom) and the Kingdom of Judah (the Southern Kingdom). With this division, the twelve tribes of Israel also were divided. 

 We know that the chosen people, disobeyed the statutes and commandments of the Lord their God, and therefore, He chastised them by letting them be taken as captives by the Assyrians (North) and the Babylonians (South).

“They were willing to do all that was possible within their capabilities to re-build all of them by rebuilding their temple and city to keep up their identity as God’s chosen people. “

The whole world has been captured by COVID 19 and kept in captivity, and are still even today in captivity. We are looking like a single family of the human race for the advent of the great King Cyrus in the form of a Vaccine, which will be able to liberate us from the fear and anxiety of this deadly virus who destroys our energy and life. As the people of the Old Testament hoped and prayed for a return to their homeland, we too hope and pray for our safe return to our former ways of life.

 This is a testing, acting, and waiting time for each of us to rebuild our temples and cities which are our own personal lives and families. We can rebuild our own lives and families in three different dimensions by enhancing our relationship with our own self, with others and nature, and with God.

Our relationship with ourselves is the beginning of all our other relationships. When we have a healthy and acceptable relationship with oneself; all other relationships are going to be healthy as it is the very seed of all other relationships.


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Our relationship with others springs from this tiny seed of our self-image and it blooms into a healthy and mighty tree of multiple relationships with others. Certainly, based on these real relationships, we build up our relationship with God which grows as the fruits and flowers of all our other relationships in life.

This is an acceptable time and days of repair and rebuilding. Therefore, let us use it to the best of the given situation to repair and rebuild ourselves and others as to create a better world free of all types of viruses, especially the viruses of enmity, negativity, domination, exploitation, and unhealthy competition. We are all in the same race, where everyone is rewarded in one way or another, not just a handful of us! If you are not passionate about rebuilding your own temple and city whom do you expect to do it for you?


Fr Tomy Puliyan, MSFS

“Holiness and Happiness through Wellness and Wholeness”




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  1. “Our relationship with others springs from this tiny seed of our self-image”

    How we view our self-image is so critical because relativism views “self” as detached from relationships. But the truth is you are only pretending the God-given relationships are optional.

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