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Do It Anyway!

We are all together in this race.

Today is Wednesday, March 25, 2020, the Feast of the Annunciation of the Lord. It has been almost a
week and a half since we have not had any community Masses in the basilica’s, cathedrals, churches and
chapels in most of the Diocese’s throughout the United States. We are all under fear and panic about the
corona virus. Corona virus is spreading like a biological weapon, creating an utmost fear and panic like a
world war by invading the human race irrespective of color, creed, culture, nationality and boundaries. It
really scares us, and takes away our energy, spirit, and motivation to move on in life.

One fact that we all need to realize at this time of our history is that we are all together in this race. We don’t let corona defeat us, rather we defeat corona together.

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There are a few thoughts that I would like to share with you with regards to our current situation:

1. Be part of a solution, rather than part of a problem.
In life, when we choose to be part of a problem, we live with that problem and finally end up to
be another problem, and certainly will die with that problem. On the other hand, when we
choose to be part of a solution, we become more creative and productive to become the solution
itself. This is very true in our current situation. Now is not the proper time to dig the grave to
try to find out how and where it came about; instead, let us look for the measures to combat the
problem in the right manner and find the solution.
Therefore, let us be part of the solution anyway.

2. Be proactive rather than reactive.
Some of us are by instinct either proactive or reactive. It is time now to be actively proactive by
strictly following the guidance and directions of the civil and ecclesiastical authorities for our
good and the good of others in our community. The measures recommended by our civil and
ecclesiastical authorities are to be observed, lest we endanger the lives of others by our own
sheer lack of attention or carelessness.
Therefore, let us be proactive anyway.

3. Be positive and hopeful.
We are not people without hope. The Lord is still in control of the situation. This is not the end
of life. The clouds will move away and the Sun will shine brightly bringing light and warmth to
show us our way.
Therefore, let us be hopeful and positive anyway.

4. Build up our immune system
Making healthy choices with regards to our daily food habits, personal hygiene, physical
activities, supplements and good rest are essential to help us resist the attack of the virus that is
around us.
Therefore, let us be strong anyway.

5. Be connected to our Creator.
Prayer is a link that connects us to our God. Pray without ceasing. Certainly, our prayers will be
answered though it may not be in our expected timeframe. Prayer heals and brings meaning and
purpose to our life.
Therefore, let us stay connected anyway.

6. Be consistent with prayers.
It is just and appropriate to be mindful of God’s presence in our daily lives by pausing at least
four times a day at 9am, 12 noon, 3pm, and 6pm and pray 3 Our Father’s (the Lord’s prayer)
which will total 12 Our Father’s every day. This becomes a representation of the 12 Tribes of
Israel from the Old Testament, and the 12 disciples from the New Testament, and the 12 months
from our present time.
Therefore, let us pray consistently anyway.

With Him, through Him, and in Him,
Your Brother,
Fr. Tomy Puliyan, MSFS

1 thought on “Do It Anyway!”

  1. Jude Oguejiofor-Ngene

    Thanks Fr. For these wonderful insights,,,
    Most of us need this kind of encouraging words at this point in time.
    my family and I miss our second home that my daughter wants us to just come to church on sunday to pray even when she know that nobody will be there.

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