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Happy 4th of July to all of you! 
May God bless the founders of our Nation and the leaders of our time!

  We are celebrating the 244th anniversary of the independence of our Nation as the United States of America.  Now is the time for all of us to pray for our Nation, pray for our leaders and pray for the unity of all Americans irrespective of our minor differences of color, creed, politics, status, or any other kinds of affiliations.  Our country needs our support, our prayers, and our commitment to stand up for those values on which our Nation was built 244 years ago.  

It is also time for us to look for what unifies us and brings us closer as a Nation, rather than small differences that may lead to division and discord. We have a great legacy, which is the fruit of the commitment, dedication, and sacrifice of our forefathers and builders of our Nation. We, as Americans of the 21st century, have a duty and responsibility to cherish and safeguard that great legacy handed over to us.  It is always easier to break than to build.  Once we break it, we lose it, and then it is hard and takes time to rebuild. Each of us, as citizens of this Nation, has to make a commitment and pledge to oneself, that we will do our best to build up this Nation, rather than tearing it down.

“It is also time for us to look for what unifies us and
brings us closer as a Nation, rather than small differences
that may lead to division and discord.”

Christianity has been part of the American tradition and legacy.  It is on Christian values that our Nation was founded.  It is our duty today to make sure that the same tradition and legacy are maintained in the best way possible. Every time we use a dollar bill of the United States of America, it reminds us of the close-knit relationship between God and the people of this Nation. There is no other dollar bill on which we can read, “In God We Trust.”  The founders of our Nation were men of God and God-inspired them to prepare the path for the future generations to look up to God and love our neighbors as brothers and sisters around us. A neighbor is not necessarily someone who lives next door. It could be someone whom you never met in your life so far but comes to your rescue like an angel of mercy and compassion in times of need. 

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We are all immigrants here in one way or another as we are all immigrating from elsewhere to this planet.  We have a history of 244 years as a Nation welcoming and accommodating immigrants from all over the world.  We are all made up of different colors, caliber, aptitudes, attitudes, tastes, choices, preferences, etc. and they are always our strength, not our challenges.  When we look at our Nation in bits and pieces, we find these differences magnified, and we appear small.  When we look at our Nation as one whole entity comprised of these differences, we see them all as part of one whole, and we are great.  Our perspectives about our Nation is the motivating source of our actions that leads to the future of our Nation.  

As we are celebrating this weekend our Independence Day, let us be mindful of the way God was leading us, as He was leading and guiding His people of the Old Testament through the desert.  We are the people of the New Testament, and we have a responsibility to stay committed to God and our fellow beings around us.  Wishing you all Happy 4th of July 2020! May the Lord continue to Bless us and our Nation!


Fr Tomy Puliyan, MSFS

“Holiness and Happiness through Wellness and Wholeness”




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  1. Happy Independence day to all the readers..
    Lets cherish the legacy of USA for a unified tomorrow entrusted in our lord Jesus Christ

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