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Christmas Tidings-2020!

Christmas brings glad tidings of peace, joy, love, and hope in the midst of our existing fears, anxieties, stress, and tension that have been brought primarily due to Covid-19. The year 2020 has been a trying experience for all of us. Therefore, the celebration of Christmas this year is even more special and personal to each of us. Baby Jesus comes to our personal lives and that of our homes, churches, and society during this challenging time with a message that “He is still in control of our lives and that of our world.” What we are going through today is a reliving of the experience that Joseph and Mary had with Baby Jesus while fleeing to Egypt at the order of the civil authorities of that time. Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus experienced the stress and strain that you and I are experiencing today in our day-to-day life. 

Christmas is a time for celebrating love and hope by sharing our gifts, talents, treasure, even our being, and having. The Stars up in the skies led those Wise Men to the Baby Jesus in Bethlehem, and they were overjoyed at meeting Him and shared what they had with the Newborn Baby. We are all pilgrims traveling from one destination to another, and we need directions, guidance, and hope on our way. Jesus is our way and our hope.  He is the reason for our faith, and above all, He is the Reason for the Season of Christmas.

Christmas is a time for celebrating love and hope by sharing our gifts, talents, treasure, even our being, and having.

The Arc of the Covenant in the Old Testament consisted of the 10 Commandments and was preserved in a golden box, which was the symbol of God’s special presence in the midst of the chosen people of God. It dwelt among them in a tent for all most 300 years. Through the Annunciation story, Mary became the new Arc for the New King from the family of David. She preserved the new King, Jesus, in her womb for 9 months and brought Him forth into the world. The “Fiatof Mary, “May it be done unto me according to your word,” though full of surprises, was very essential for the salvation of humankind as it opened the gate of redemption. Mary lent her womb and her entire life for Jesus and the whole world.  Mary stood by Him and for Him from the manger to the foot of the Cross on Mount Calvary.

Christmas is a time where we are reminded to lend our hearts, our lives, our being, and our doing for Christ, for His Mystical Body, the Church, and the entire world. Mary’s commitment and faithfulness to Christ were duly rewarded by Christ Himself. Every day, Angels come to us seeking our “fiat” through different peoples, events, situations, and life experiences. We can hear their voices only when we tune our ears to their voices around us. The world needs a Savior. Certainly, it needs a Light that can dispel the darkness of our world, and even at times, from our own personal lives. Today’s Savior has to be brought forth into the world through our prayers, lives, and personal examples.

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Celebration of Christmas becomes just a commemoration of the birth of Christ that took place in the history of the world centuries ago unless we let Christ be born today through our own lives and actions.  Christ needs your heart, your womb, your brain, your limbs, and your entire life to make Christmas a real experience in today’s modern world.  Every Christmas celebration is an invitation and a challenge to radiate Jesus, who is the Savior of the Universe by our words and deeds. May Jesus be born not only in the cathedrals and churches; but in the hearts and lives of each of us. May you and I be a manger for Baby Jesus or a living tabernacle for Baby Jesus! May Baby Jesus bless you and your loved ones.

Fr. Tomy Puliyan, MSFS

“Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021!



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  1. Beatiful, father Tommy, thank you for the reminder that this season brings love, hope and joy for everything and anything that surrounds and happens to us, no matter.
    Pls continue your blog!
    Merry Christmas you and to all

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